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CD1H, CD2H Series


Barksdale's CD1H and CD2H Housed Diaphragm Pressure Switches provide an ideal solution for pressure control applications requiring tamper proof external adjustment and environments which require water-tight NEMA 4 housings. These pressure switches are available in single or dual control settings for both positive pressure and vacuum models, to 150 psi. These snap-action switches may be wired normally open or normally closed through a 3/4"-14 NPT conduit connector to free leads to 18". All models feature self-locking set screw adjustment and dials which are calibrated for increasing setting. For applications requiring a highly accurate switch in a durable package, Barksdale's CD1H and CD2H Housed Diaphragm Pressure Switches are the ideal choice. Stripped models are also available.

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  • High reliability
  • Extremely versatile
  • Calibrated dial for easy setpoint adjustment
  • Ideal for pressure or vacuum
  • Diaphragm Seal Option Available

Technical specifications

General Specifications*

Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of the adjustable range

Single pole double throw (SPDT) single or dual circuit
10 amps @ 125/250 VAC, 3 amps @ 480 VAC (Class A or H limit switch); Consult sales drawing for ratings of optional limit switches.
Wetted Parts:
Process Fitting:

304 stainless steel
17-7 PH stainless steel
Anodized aluminum
Electrical Connection: Free leads approximately 18" long, 16 AWG through 3/4" NPT conduit connector.
Enclosure Ratings: NEMA 4
Pressure Connection: 1/4" NPT female
All models are Underwriters’ Laboratories
listed in the Electrical Construction Materials Directory under Industrial Control Equipment, float and pressure-operated; File E42816, and Canadian Standards Association listed under Guide 380-W-1.16, Class 3231, File 22355.
Temperature Range:

-40° to +165°F (-40° to +74°C)
-65° to +200°F (-54° to +93°C)
Adjustment Instructions:


Turn self-locking adjustment screw counter
clockwise to increase pressure setting

Turn self-locking adjustment screw
clockwise to increase vacuum setting
Options: -Cleaned for Oxygen Service
-1/2" NPT Pressure Port
-NEMA 4X enclosure
Shipping Weight: Approximate 1.75 lbs.
* See product confi gurator for additional options.

Wiring Code

Lead Circuit #1 Circuit #2
Pressure Vacuum Pressure Vacuum
Normally Closed Blue Red Orange Yellow
Common Purple Purple Brown Brown
Normally Open Red Blue Yellow Orange