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Series 52321- Chassis Valve

Height Control Air Suspension Valve

Feature proportional response and are available in both low flow and high flow configurations


The 52321 Air Suspension Valve utilizes Barksdale's patented Shear-Seal® technology to accurately control suspension height in commercial and recreational vehicle applications. Shear-Seal® has become the industry leader through superior performance and long life, even under the most demanding conditions. Barksdale height control valves feature proportional response and are available in both low flow and high flow configurations. These features combine to minimize air consumption without the use of inaccurate and failure prone time delay elements found in competing products. Available push-to-connect fittings and single or dual bag ports allow for easy and fast installation. The Barksdale valve's compact design and Barksdale's ability to customize the product make it a perfect fit on any suspension.

  • Shear-Seal® technology provides superior peformance and durability
  • Proportional flow reduces vehicle air consumption
  • Precise dead band optimizes ride height control 120 or 350 I/min (4.2 to 12.4 CFM) peak flow
  • Dual outlet ports for simplified hose routings
  • Optional push-to-connect fittings ease installation
  • Compact size and flexible design fits any application
  • Tractor
    • Primary Suspension 
    • Cab Suspension 
    • Front Suspension
  • Trailer
  • Bus
  • RV