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Dynalco Products - Industries Served

Dynalco serves a variety of customers in the Oil and Gas, Chemical Process, Construction and off-road equipment, Transportation, Power Generation, Marine, Mining, Water and Waste Water and Factory Automation Markets.  


Dynalco Speed Sensors, Tachometers and Speed Switches are used on steam turbines often found in the petrochemical world.




Power Generation

Our portable predictive diagnostic solutions are used to maintain the health and fitness of diesel generators in power plants.



Natural Gas

Dynalco Speed Sensors are used to monitor engine speed and provide input for speed switches and transmitters that are used to protect engines in the event of an over-speed condition.

Dynalco Instruments are often found in the compressor control panels of Gas Transmission stations and Field Gas Gathering skids. All products sold into these applications are available with 3rd party approvals like CSA to meet the requirements of the various plants or sites.

Diesel Transportation

Dynalco Speed Sensors are used to monitor engine speed and to monitor wheel slippage for traction control systems.




Dynalco Speed Switches are used for over speed protection on engines. As well as Dynalco Scanners that are used to monitor a variety of engine parameters.
Dynalco products used in this market carry the appropriate ABS approvals.