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Catalyst Monitor

Dynalco Catalyst Monitor


Our Catalyst Monitor meets the RICE NESHAP Continuous Parameter Monitoring requirements. It is a low cost solution that comes pre-configured and is quick and easy to install and get running. CSA approved. The Catalyst Monitor is a purpose built product that provides you with a low cost plug and play solution for monitoring your catalyst. It monitors catalyst input temperature and calculates and stores the 4-hour rolling average per RICE NESHAP requirements; alarming when out of compliance. It also monitors the pressure drop across the catalyst, engine speed and run hours. It also has on board data logging that can be accessed via a Modbus connection or a USB interface.


Dynalco Catalyst Monitor and UM-600 6 - Channel Universal Monitor Software V1Click here

Dynalco Catalyst Monitor and UM-600 6 - Channel Universal Monitor Software V2 Click here

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