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Series L20415

1" Land Pressure Regulator

Heavy Duty Shear-Seal® Regulator


Barksdale's pressure regulators are sensitive pressure-control devices used to maintain a pre-determined pressure in a hydraulic circuit. The regulated output pressure can be controlled either by the force of a spring, or a motor (hydraulic or pneumatic). Design features ensure excellent accuracy, repeatability and high flow coefficients. Designed to provide years of trouble-free operation and virtually zero leakage, the Shear-Seal® design uses fluid pressure to maintain a leak-free metal-to-metal seal that improves with use. The shearing action between the rotor & pressure seal continually laps the mating surfaces and prevents contaminates from lodging between the sealing surfaces. The result is a valve that doesn’t wear out – but wears in over time, providing you superior control consistently through the entire life of the product.

  • Original Shear-Seal® technology
  • Self adjusting
  • High flow capacity
  • Large regulated pressure range
  • Tolerates contaminated media
  • Fail-safe motor control options
  • Self venting
  • Coiled tube reels
  • Land-based oil drilling controls
  • BOP control units
  • Pressure sensitive applications