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Mini LevelSite®

Alloy, pressure to 150psig (Proof 240 psig)


Our Alloy Mini LevelSite® provides a reliable, accident-proof solution to your unique level measuring problems, especially in applications where space is at a premium. Welded stainless steel construction provides for long life and eliminates the risk of broken or cloudy glass commonly encountered with traditional sight glasses. Large, easy to read flags are completely isolated from the process media and can be viewed from over 100 feet away. Each Mini LevelSite® is customized to meet your unique specifications, and is available in lengths of up to 10 feet (3 meters). Barksdale's Mini LevelSite® is suitable for use with oil water & aggressive liquids in a wide variety of industrial applications, including food & beverage and textile dyeing equipment.

  • Easy replacement for sight glasses
  • Small diameter ideal for use in tight spaces
  • Rugged construction for long life and maintenance free use
  • Customized to meet your exact specifications
  • Lube oil console systems
  • Hot water/condensate steam systems
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Storage tanks
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Marine applications
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Scrubbers
  • Semi-conductor industry