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METER: universal digital panel meter, ABS & CSA approval

Accepts a 0-1 mA signal proportional to pressure, temperature, or any other variable.

3-3/8 inch diameter housing is rugged, sealed, and spray- proof for indoor and outdoor applications.

Field-adjustable. DC-powered (8-40 Vdc).

For low temperature operation, an optional LCD heater strip is available at additional cost.


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  • Rugged: No meter movement; all solid-state. Standard SAE case fits panels with 3-3/8" openings.
  • Sealed: Resistant to sour gas and moisture that attack springs in an analog meter movement.
  • Large 0.4" High Digits: Liquid Crystal Display, 1-digit resolution. Display contrast increases with increasing ambient light. Ideal for outdoor installations.
  • Universal, Field-Adjustable: Adjustable readout ranges from zero to 1999, with integral multi-turn span potentiometer.
  • Third Party Approvals: (Intrinsic Safety) CSA: Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D, rated 8–40 Vdc, 10 mA maximum. Meets standards for intrinsic safety, when connected to CSA certified Zener barrier devices per Dynalco drawing B8008843. ABS: Certificate No. 92-QE-10237-X.
  • Auto Zero: Readout is “0000” at zero input with power applied. The unit can be calibrated from 0 to any display range up to 1999. The meter indicates negative only when the signal goes negative. Positive and negative read-outs follow the polarity of the input signal.
  • Power: Can be powered from 8 to 40 Vdc. Consumes only 0.5 mA at 9 V.
  • Signal: Accepts grounded and ungrounded signal sources.