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Pyrometers (Thermocouple Input Gauges)

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Dynalco Products

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Dynalco was started in 1968 with three products and a goal of producing engineered solutions for the oil and gas industries. Today, Dynalco has become a worldwide industry leader, recognized for its high-quality instruments and controls used in the oil & gas, chemical, power, marine and construction industries. In October 2011 Dynalco was acquired by its sister company Barksdale, Inc. and is now part of Barksdale's family of brands. Back to Dynalco main product page.

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TMP-100 19-Channel Battery-Powered Pyrometers


TMP-200DC 24-Channel DC-Powered Pyrometers


TMP-200 24-Channel Battery-Powered Pyrometers


TMP-200DC 24-Channel DC-Powered Pyrometers