NEW Atlas Height Control Valve

December 2017



 New Atlas Valve

Saves Time | Reduces Injury | Prevents Trailer Landing Gear Damage

Barksdale is pleased to announce the release of the new Atlas Valve, Series 52334, a versatile height control valve designed for multiple demanding air suspension applications.

Atlas valve is equipped with primary and auxiliary ride settings.  While the primary setting which includes dump function is configured for standard ride height, the second setting, actuated by a 70 psi pilot, can be configured to one of four different modes.  Either Raise, Lower, Blocking, or Variable Flow can be selected based on suspension application to activate chassis raise, aerodynamic, utility/outrigger, or bob tail modes.

¼” NPT ports are standard for Inlet, Exhaust, and Bag Ports, while M12 and PTC ports are available as an option.  The Dump and Auxiliary ports are also available in ¼” NPT as a standard and PTC port is available upon request.  Aluminum die casting material is used on the body, while case-hardened stainless steel material make up the components responsible for leak proof sealing and air flow.  These materials, along with proven Shear-Seal® technology, which has been used by Barksdale for over 30 years in leveling valves, provides superior performance in high cycle contaminated air environments.

By preserving mounting pattern and port orientation from current Barksdale leveling valves, integration of Atlas is simple and efficient.  An additional pilot line and dash switch is required to activate the auxiliary port.  Warning signal(s) and/or vehicle speed interlocks can be programmed through vehicle ECU.

Atlas is a lightweight mechanical valve which requires no complex wiring or calibration for operation. It can be customized with a variety of handle lengths, handle offsets, fittings, and mounting brackets.  Atlas is built in Los Angeles California in compliance with RoHS standard using quality processes maintained through ISO/TS 16949 certification.

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