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FAQ LevelSite®

I need to activate an alarm when the liquid in my tank reaches a certain level. Can I do that with the LevelSite?

  • Yes. Barksdale offers a line of limit switches that can be positioned on the outside of the LevelSite float housing to activate alarms, pumps, or valves when the liquid reaches high, high/high, low or low/low levels. The number of switches that can be attached to the Level Site float housing is limited only by the available surface on the housing. With the ring magnet float design, limit switches can be located at any point 360° around the housing. This flexibility allows other control components to be mounted at the same critical level.

What material is the LevelSite rotating flag housing constructed of?

  • LevelSite's rotating flags are mounted in a housing fabricated of extruded aluminum or polycarbonate. The assembly is attached to the outside of the float housing with stainless steel clamps. The ends are sealed against dust and moisture.

For what types of applications are LevelSites used?

  • LevelSites are ideal for use in:

* Lube oil console systems
* Hot water/condensate steam systems
* Industrial refrigeration and steam generators
* Storage tanks
* Solvent recovery systems
* Marine applications
* Food & beverage systems
* Steam boiler systems
* Scrubbers
* Semiconductor industry

What process connection configurations do you provide?

  • Barksdale's LevelSite is a unique system that can be custom designed for many types of applications, from a stand-alone, no-power-required level indicator to a fully-integrated electronic component within a process control system. It can be supplied with process connections located for any of the four standard patterns: top/bottom, top/side, side/side, or side/bottom. For applications where tank-side mounting of the LevelSite is not practical or desired, top mounted versions are available. Liquid interface configurations require three process connections.